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Travel Organizer Kit

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The Travel Set is a kit that includes four cool products that are beautifully branded and packaged together in an EVA zipper case. The 4 products make excellent travel companions. Travel Set includes:

  • HawkEye: Phone charger reminder and alert

    Security Alarm: Activate the audio alert and make sure your phone or tablet is secure while it charges in a public location.  If your device is unplugged the alarm will sound.

    Reminder Alert: Active the alarm to prevent you from leaving your charging cable behind in a hotel room or other area while travelling.

  • BeagleScout: A combination tracker and luggage tag that ensures you stay connected to your most important travel pieces. The BeagleScout and app alert you when you may be leaving without your most important items and maps the location where they were last tracked.
  • KeyStack: Minimize the bulk of your keychain. This device holds a number of keys while maintaining a sleek profile. Fold keys out when you are ready to use them and fold them back in when you are done. 
  • CableDock: A practical system for organizing your cables. The CableDock allows you to organize and mount your cables for easy access. Reduce cable clutter! 

Production Time: 5-7 business days plus transit